I pass that rank every day, at least twice.

Today something clicked. The drivers of the taxi driver.

Some needless speculation.

1)  To wait in line is to know you are needed.

2)  To satisfy need is needed.

3)  It is needed to know that satisfying need is satisfactory in being short-term.

4)  When short-term is over, take pleasure, return to rank, be needed.

5)  To not go nose to tail in line is to toy with the moment of need realised.

6)  To leave your door open in line is ‘5’, in spades.

7)  To do ‘5’ and ‘6’ together is the plateau phase.

8)  In all of it, it is needed to know that need is endless;

 8.1) that satisfying-potential is limitless;

8.2) that commitment to satisfy is journey-bounded.

9)  The taxi driver is needed not loved.

10)  The taxi driver loves being needed not loved.