1) Player 1: (with burden of obligation after silent musing [denoted by (curved) brackets {throughout}]) (I, and you, have limited time to read, but anyway, as they say…) what do you work on?

2) Player 2: (confessionally) If I had gumption I would say, “ask me not what I work on, but how I work”

3) Player 1: (hopefully) So, how do you work (in preparation for “what do you work on?”)?

4) Player 2: (confessionally) If I had gumption I would say, “I work in a way that sees me right as someone who ‘works on some1thing'”

5) Player 1: (I imagine that some day you will have gumption)

6) Player 2: (I imagine that I will allow myself to say, then, on that day, that “I would rather follow my nose”)

7) Player 1: (I imagine, then, on that day, I would say with a smile, “metooIdooalreadyIwill”)

8) Player 2: Pardon?